Nowocoat Industrial A/S

Environmentally friendly oils and spray wax for wood


Lurrell Industries A/S, which was founded in 1989, develops and produces oils and spray wax for effective and environmentally friendly treatment of wood. We have both clear and pigmented products, which among other things can be used for the treatment of kitchen utensils, furniture and wooden garden furniture, giving them a beautiful and durable surface that withstands wear & tear, sun and rain.


The products from Lurrell Industries stand out by being free of all unnecessary environmentally harmful chemicals. For example, none of our products contain tin, which means that we are the preferred supplier for some of the market’s most ambitious manufacturers and distributors of wood products.
Our products are particularly well-suited for industrial application, not least because we have optimised the drying time and viscosity, enabling the wood treatment to be applied by machine.


In addition, we offer our customers specialist advice on manufacturing optimisation with our products, and we also provide a guarantee for reliability of delivery.


Produced in Denmark - shipped worldwide


All Lurrell Industries products are made in Denmark, from which we ship our oils and waxes to the entire world, not least Southeast Asia where a lot of furniture is produced today.


Furniture, garden furniture and kitchen utensils treated with our products are sold by international groups such as IKEA, Walmart, K-Markt and JYSK. All of these are businesses that have placed consumer safety and environmental friendliness at the top of their agenda and which are accordingly extremely mindful of the chemicals used to treat their products. Lurrell Industries’ consistent focus on development, service and delivery reliability has given the company and its products a unique position in the market which we make every effort to maintain.


Future-proofed by Nowocoat


In 2019, Lurrell Industries became part of Nowocoat in connection with its handover from one generation to another. The choice fell on Nowocoat Industrial in Kolding, Denmark, because the cooperation gives Lurrell Industries access to state-of-the-art R&D facilities at Nowocoat’s laboratory and knowledge and experience with development and documentation of wood protection, while also ensuring that the Lurrell Industries’ products will continue to be made in Denmark. This means that going forward, our customers can continue to expect products that meet the rigorous Danish standards for quality and environmental friendliness.


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