Nowocoat Industrial A/S

New production and warehouses

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Nowocoat Industrial A/S has acquired the former Decra-Icopal plant at Stålvej 3 in Kolding.

The production and warehouses are 10.000 square meters plus a training center for craftsmen of 800 square meters.

The design and construction of a new state-of-the-art and automatic production plant has been started, including equipment for daily production of 65.000 liters of paint.

Everything is done with the help of automatic tapping, labeling and stacking of products on pallets that are driven in the warehouse with driverless trucks. All the key features are controlled by robots, making it a very environmentally-friendly and efficient production site.


With the two production sites at Gl. Donsvej 6 and Stålvej 3, Nowocoat Industrial A/S has over 14000 square meters of administration, laboratories, production and storage facilities.




coolingpaint packaging

Nowocoat Industrial A/S has with COOLINGPAINT® developed the technology of the future for wood protection (patent pending). The purpose of infrared (IR) heat-reflective wood protection is to avoid the sun’s damaging heating up of the wood. This attribute forms the basis for COOLINGPAINT®.


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Nowocoat Industrial A/S has been approved by DIBt

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Allgemeine Bauaufsichtliche Zulassung (abZ) assigned.

After years of testing and documentation work we at Nowocoat proudly showcase the approval for Proff Industrial Oil and Proff Oil. DIBt's approval is the result of close cooperation between Nowocoat and leading German universities and engineering firms.

Read the DIBt approval in English.

Read the DIBt approval in German.

Invironmental approval of Isowood Primer W12

Nowocoat Industrial A/S has once again received approval for a new Wood impregnation product, ISOWOOD Primer W12, in accordance with the requirements from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency/EPA. This has taken place through the continued development and innovation of portable and functional products for Wood protection, where the requirements are tightening up due to the fact that the industry and the community would like secure and effective wood protection. This applies to private users just as it does for the trade and the wood industry.

Nowocoat focuses on new growth

Paint manufacturer Nowocoat Industrial A/S in Kolding is now focusing its efforts 100 percent on product development and new growth after the Group sold off their roof paint activities. The Reinert owning family sold the sister company Iso Paint Nordic A/S to the Finnish Tikkurila and will from now on concentrate production.
and development efforts on Nowocoat Industrial A/S, the paint and lacquer factory in Kolding, which was taken over in February 2014.

"We can now focus on product development in, among other things, industrial paint for the surface treatment of metal and wood protection, including Proff Woodcare products that open up some interesting possibilities for us and our customers. We have extensive experience in developing functional paint, and here I would also dare to promise some exciting new products in the future",

says Head of Development and co-owner Joen Reinert, who owns Nowocoat Industrial A/S together with his family and an employee-owned company. The family considers it important to involve senior employees in the company's structure and operation, which is why they have, among other things, appointed Per Thorlund as Sales Director.

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If you are interested in starting a collaboration with Nowocoat A/S, then feel free to contact us for an informal conversation about the opportunities.