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DK-6000 Kolding

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Can we help?

Here at Nowocoat A/S, we have almost 50 committed employees who are all ready to help you and answer your questions about our products, their applications and how to develop your business based on innovation and customised solutions. Please get in touch with us to find out more information.


ole jensen

Ole E. Jensen

oej (a)

Helle Bunkenborg, Nowocoat

Helle Bunkenborg

helle (a)

Jakob Hindkjær, Nowocoat

Jakob Hindkjær

Plant Manager

jakob (a)

+45 42 28 00 00


Jesper Juhl

Logistics Manager

jesper (a)

+45 30 30 63 98

Per Thorlund, Nowocoat

Per Thorlund

Sales Director, Wood & Mineral
per (a)

+45 42 27 27 27

Tina Larsen

Tina Larsen

Sales Director, Germany

tina (a)
+45 60 699 699

Henning Hindkjær

Henning Hindkjær

Sales Consultant
henning (a)
+45 30 30 96 48

Martin Skare Mogensen, Nowocoat

Martin Skare Mogensen

Sales Director, Metal

martin (a)

+45 42 27 00 00

ole lyth

Ole Lyth

Key Account Manager, Metal
ol (a)

+45 30 30 88 87


Stefan Petterson

Technical KAM, Sweden
sp (a)

+46 72-2520244


Roger Syversen

Consultant, Norway
rs (a)

+47 94084509


Tanja Gutschlag

Sales Coordinator
tanja (a)


Malene E. Lindahl

Sales Coordinator, Export

malene (a)


R & D - Research and Development

Annette Søgaard, Nowocoat

Annette Søgaard

Laboratory Technician
annette (a)

Allan Nielsen, Nowocoat

Allan Nielsen

Laboratory Technician
allan (a)

Kirsten Jessen Terp, Nowocoat

Kirsten Jessen Terp

Chemical Engineer
kirsten (a)

Simon Greve, Nowocoat

Simon Greve

Chemist R&D
simon (a)

ulrich kluss

Dr. Ulrich Kluß

R&D Manager, Wood
uk (a)


Ken R. Schneider

Laboratory Technician
krs (a)


Marianne Molberg

Quality Controller
marianne (a)