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Touch up or change the tile colour. Anyone can restore their patio and tiles themselves and in just a few hours with the new product StoneColor, which can be bought at builders merchants, paint distributors, etc.

Patios, tiles and driveways wear out over time and become stained and dirtied from water, frost, moss, algae and grime. Replacing tiles is both expensive and requires many hours of labour. Instead, you can paint the stone with StoneColor. StoneColor is a completely unique surface treatment that can be easily applied with spray, a paint roller or paint brush.


“We have developed StoneColor for all those who would like to restore their tiles in a quick and affordable manner. There are just three steps: Clean the stone, paint it and enjoy the final results”, says Joen Reinert, from the Danish company Nowocoat Industrial A/S that developed StoneColor.


It does not take long to restore a patio with StoneColor: First, the tiles need to be cleaned with a product specially intended for stone, such as StoneCleaner. The product can easily be applied with a soft brush. Next, any dirt must be removed either with a hard scrubbing brush or a high-pressure cleaner. Once the tiles have dried, they are ready to be painted with StoneColor either with spray, a paint roller or brush.


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StoneColor® is specially developed for surface treatment of exterior pavements on absorbent and porous surfaces such as tiles and paving stones. StoneColor® can be applied to desired surfaces after they are thoroughly cleaned of algae, grease, dirt, dust etc. It is recommended to clean with StoneCleaner® and a high-pressure cleaner or with a brush depending on what type of surface is to be treated and how old and soiled it is. Once the surface has dried, StoneColor® can be applied.


Product: StoneColor®
Use: Surface treatment, protection and impregnation of exterior absorbent mineral paving stone and tiles
Chemical spec.: Based on nano-technology using Crosslinking Resins and UV-stable pigments.
Base: Water-based. Use undiluted, or thinned as needed with max. 10% water.
Properties: Strong adherence, incredibly hard-wearing, withstands oil, water, chemicals. UV-stable.
Dry time: Approx. 60 min. at 20 deg. C and 60% RH.
Application: Paint brush, paint roller or spray.
Coverage: 1 L is enough for approx. 3-5 m2 depending on the surface condition and application method.
Cleaning: Application tools should be thoroughly cleaned under regular lukewarm water.
Storage: Dry and frost free place, out of the reach of children.


NOTE: Always apply a test coat to check the compatibility of the product and the surface. Must be stirred before and during use.


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